New at the European Congress of Radiology 2010 (ECR)

New at ECR – The HI VISION Avius is the latest addition to Hitachi's new ultrasound generation

Vienna, 5 March 2010 – Right on time for the 100th anniversary of its foundation, Hitachi Medical Systems Europe Holding AG is presenting the latest member of the new HI VISION generation at this year's ECR in Vienna: the HI VISION Avius. The HI VISION Avius is a user-friendly, digital and fully software orientated ultrasound system for modern diagnostic applications. Highlighted are its pioneering patient-friendly design and user friendliness combined with integrated sophisticated technology. The HI VISION Avius is a fully digitized ultrasound system offering practical and powerful solutions for everyday clinical applications.


As an experienced manufacturer of diagnostic imaging equipment, Hitachi Medical Systems offers both, technically mature solutions and solutions undergoing continuous development in specific areas such as the operator interface and imaging technology as well as hardware. For reliable diagnostics, knowledge and experience are required. The HI VISION Avius delivers this kind of expertise: it combines simple ergonomic handling, sophisticated processing of images and data, and superior system-compatible hardware.The compact, lightweight and highly mobile version of the HI VISION Avius has most of the technology already incorporated in the HI VISION Preirus, introduced in 2009. In addition to sophisticated broadband beamforming technology, ultra-high-speed processing capability and single crystal transducer technology, it features a user-friendly cockpit and a slide in keyboard. The intuitive user interface allows the user to select and optimize individual functions with just a few clicks. With no time-consuming callingup of submenus; this ease of use paves the way for many different, technically effective, patient-oriented diagnostic applications.

At the same time the perfect HI VISION imaging technique guarantees fast and precise delineation of individual organs. In the Fine-Flow-Mode even the smallest blood vessels can be recognized. Furthermore, the HI VISION Avius facilitates intelligent management of patient data and features full DICOM connectivity. On the hardware side Hitachi Medical Systems offers a wide range of ergonomically designed linear transducers. These "lightweights" stand out by virtue of their reduced weight, superior technical features and compatibility with the entire Hitachi ultrasound product range. Moreover, thanks to Hitachi's Real-time Tissue Elastography (HI-RTE) technology, valuable additional data can be acquired, permitting reliable assessment of tissue elasticity on the basis of real-time color images to complement conventional B-mode images. With the new HI VISION Avius, Hitachi Medical Systems continue their tradition in modern ultrasound imaging. The Avius guarantees maximum diagnostic confidence for both, sonographers and patients.