Ziehm Imaging - Introducing CMOS on mobile C-arm

Driving the paradigm shift in innovative flat-panel detector technology, introducing CMOS on mobile full-size C-arms.

Every day, Ziehm Imaging employees dedicate their work and expertise in researching and developing innovative hard- and software, clinical applications and other solutions to enhance clinical benefits in daily clinical routine. One of these innovations came to life in 2006 with the first introduction of flatpanel detectors (FD) to a mobile C-arm.

Ziehm Imaging started the paradigm shift of innovative detector technologies for mobile X-ray imaging from image intensifiers (I.I.) to flat-panel detectors. Other C-arm competitors followed and reconfirmed the trend of implementing amorphous silicon (aSi) flat-panel detectors to their mobile systems. Since then, Ziehm Imaging continuously reaffirms this step in further driving innovations for mobile X-ray imaging systems with the latest flat-detector technology.

By introducing CMOS technology as an alternative detector technology to aSi detectors, Ziehm Imaging pushes the trend of innovative flat-panel technologies even further and closes the gap without compromising image quality of FD technologies and cost efficiency of I.I. systems.