APERTO Lucent Prime Open MRI
APERTO Lucent Prime Open MRI
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Model : APERTO Lucent Prime Open MRI

Prime Open MRI
More beautifully, more minutely, more exactly. APERTO Lucent pursues image quality. By making the most of the Hitachi’s imaging technology, Aperto Lucent takes the imaging diagnosis to the next level.

Compact and stylish gantry has realized a strong magnetic power of 0.4T.

Aperto Lucent has realized a high image quality by applying various technologies to the structure and materials for magnetic circuit, realizing high efficiency in the ultilization of magnetic power and by surpressing the generation of eddy currents to a minimum.

Prime Imaging Features
PrimeFSE (option)
The primeFSE has enabled not only the optimized echo arrangement but also the parameter settings with the same sense of that of the SE sequence. This allowed active uses of the features that the FSE sequence possesses.

FatSep Function
Using FatSep (water fat separation) function allows acquiring fat suppression images in wide imaging area.

Sophisticated Operability for Improved Workflow

Parameter guidance function
This function automatically displays several parameters which can substitute those that cannot be imaged in the case that such parameters are input.

CE Perfusion analysis

An imaging method useful in the diagnosis of acute cerebral ischemia. Able to visualize signal changes of CBF(cerebral blood flow) and MTT (Mean Transit Time) on the color display monitor incorporated in Aperto Lucent.

VR (Volume Rendering) image
3D processing of MRI images tends to be increasing. "VR imaging" is a function for easily grasping the anteroposterior relations in an image by displaying MRA images and MRCP images in 3D. Also, "VR imaging" can be constructed in an MRI console.

Prime Open Architecture


Lateral slide

Because lateral movement of the table inside the gantry is possible, the body region that is out of the midline (shoulder joints, knee joints, etc.) can be set to the magnet field center.

The footswitch allows the table to move up and down or backward and forward. Freeing hands does not only improve the throughput but also enables meticulous care for the examinees.