Office-based bone densitometry

With the combination of clinical confidence and dedicated utility, easy-to-useenCORE software and high performance low dose scanning, Lunar DPX NT assistsphysicians to confidently and efficiently diagnose osteoporosis and assessfracture risk.
Also available for the Lunar DPX NT are innovative tools to increase productivity,such as the DualFemur feature for seamlessly scanning both femorae in one automatic process, and Composer for automated generation of custom reports.

enCORE software – seamless osteoporosis management

The intuitive graphical enCORE software provides a dedicated palette of clinical applications for seamless osteoporosis assessment in a streamlined operator- friendly package, while ensuring clinical confidence and fast throughput. The embedded AutoAnalysis feature facilitates the assessments even more, by automatically placing the (adjustable) standard regions of interest (ROI)

DualFemur – identifying the weakest femur

With the DualFemur option, both femorae are automatically scanned in one seamless acquisition without repositioning the patient. As such, DualFemur allows you to assess the density of the critical hip region, including identification of the weakest side increasing confidence in your treatment decisions.

ScanCheck – add quality and diagnostic power

ScanCheck automatically studies acquisition inputs and the acquired image, looking for errors and patient irregularities. When it detects anomalies, it displays explanations and instructions which can be reviewed by the interpreting physician. ScanCheck helps speed throughput and reduces errors.