Compact yet Sophisticated

Hitachi has brought “Open-MRI” one step fur ther in its evolution, to provide assistance to medical professionals who work in the forefront of healthcare. AIRIS Light provides new imaging technologies and work flow solutions that improve the efficiency of examinations, while achieving high cost performance and a compact size that allows for it to easily fit into a wide range of examination environments.


High-sensitivity Solenoid Type Receiver Coils

Open MRI systems use a vertical magnetic field and solenoid type receiver coils. They are more sensitive than receiver coils of horizontal magnetic field systems. Even a solenoid type joint coil is sensitive in wide area and offers a large field of view.

RADAR (Motion artifact reduction function)

RADAR is an imaging techniques designed to mitigate motion artifacts caused by physical motion, respiration, etc., by filling the k-space radially, not linearly. It is developed for practical use, by making it applicable to any cross-sections, body regions, as well as various pulse sequences.


The adoption of a laterally aligned table has realized a combination of compactness and ease of use of MRI systems. The floating-structure table enables quick setting of a target region at the center of the magnetic field, where high-quality images can be obtained. In addition, the table realizes easy positioning of a region deviated from the center of body, such as a shoulder or knee, at the center of the magnetic field.


High Quality Imaging that Satisfies Needs of Doctors.

“MRI system” that keeps evolving. AIRIS Light is equipped with Hitachi’s property technologies developed for high field MRI systems, such as RADAR and VASC-ASL. Additionally, it comes with a new image reconstruc tion system that realizes image reconstruc tion matrix of 2048 by 2048, supporting high-resolution imaging.

0.25 Tesla field strength

Two-pillar design

Asymmetric two-pillar design for maximum openness

210° opening to the front, 70° opening to the rear

Powerful gradients

Small footprint

Laterally alligned patient table