GE Invenia ABUS

Invenia ABUS (Automated Breast Ultrasound System), an innovative breast cancer screening for women with dense breast tissue

Mammography may miss over 1/3 of cancers in dense breasts.1 The InveniaTM ABUS (Automated Breast Ultrasound System) is a comfortable, non-ionizing alternative to other supplemental screening options for women with dense breast tissue. When used in addition to mammography, Invenia ABUS can improve breast cancer detection by 55 percent over mammography* alone.2 




Why is Invenia ABUS screening needed?

Approximately 40% of American women have dense breasts.3 Having dense breasts can increase a woman’s risk to develop cancer by 1-6 times.4 Mammography may miss cancers in dense breasts, Invenia ABUS has been proven to find 55 percent more invasive cancers after 
a normal or benign mammographic finding.

What are the step in an Invenia ABUS exam ?

The Invenia ABUS acquisition process uses 3D ultrasound technology to comfortably and quickly image women with dense breast tissue. Each exam takes approximately 15 minutes.

Clinical Value

ABUS has been shown to find small, invasive, node-negative cancers that were missed by mammography. ABUS as a supplemental exam is becoming an integral part of many practices.


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