Siemens Artis Q .Zen

Visionary in performance. Visionary in precision. Visionary in sensitivity.

The Artis Q.zen product line for interventional imaging is a visionary breakthrough in X-ray detection with unique sensitivity that enables ultra-low-dose imaging. It takes performance in X-ray generation and precision to the next level. Artis Q.zen inaugurates a groundbreaking new detector technology based on crystalline silicon that reduces electronic noise and allows imaging at ultra-low-dose levels.

The system’s new powerful GIGALIX X-ray tube offers unparalleled performance for a high contrast resolution at any angle and any patient size. In the fight against the most threatening diseases such as coronary artery disease, stroke, and tumors, Artis Q.zen delivers innovative pplications offering precision for enhanced guidance during interventional procedures in cardiology, radiology, and surgery.

GIGALIX X-ray tube – Focused power

  • Flat emitter technology for high contrast resolution even at steep angulations
  • Small square focal spots for excellent spatial resolution to see more details
  • CLEARpulse for sharp images and low dose

CLEARstent Live – Real-time stent enhancement software

CLEARstent Live allows a real-time verification of the stent positioning while moving the device, eliminating cardiac movement. 

  • Support of complex procedures
  • Real-time verification of stent positioning while moving the device
  • Potential to speed up procedures and to save contrast agent

Crystalline silicon detector – High sensitivity for ultra-low-dose imaging

  • Active matrix with on-pixel amplification increases the signal-to- electronic- noise ratio and enables ultra-low-dose imaging
  • Ultra-low-dose imaging reduces radiation for both patients and staff, especially in long-lasting procedures with fluoroscopy guidance
  • More coverage compared to small cardiology detectors