A new "friend" for diagnostic imaging in Fully Digitized environment

”POPULUS So”, a diagnostic radiography/fluoroscopy (R/F) system, dedicated for over-tube type DR is a compact system with high mobility consisting of a remote control console with a built-in image processing unit and a rersatile radiography / fluoscope table. It can accommodate a wide range of examinations including upper/lower digesteive tract examinations.

It is a compact system with simple operability that can accommodate a wide range of radiography is equipped with advanced image processing technologies for accurate diagnosis. A fully digitized environment can also be constructed for uniform management of a large capacity of image data.

Table tilt movement

A maximum trendelenburg angle of 30° which facilitates a barium position with the patient in a prone position.

Stroke of imaging 

The center of the imaging unit goes as low as 74cm from the footstep. Swallowing examinations can be carried out with patient remaining in the wheelchair.

Longitudinal movement of imaging unit

The imaging unit moves a maximum length of 76cm which allows fluoroscopy and radiography of a wide area without the need of moving the patient.

Dynamic shading correct

Equipped with 1,000,000-pixel CCD camera, it provides fluoroscopy and radiography images with high definition. It is also equipped with various functions such as image processing technology to carry out corrections of images with the use of HITACHI’s advanced technology “FAiCE-V”.

X-Ray high voltage Generator 50kW/80kW inverter method

FOV size of I.I  33/22/16cm (13"/9"/6")

R/F Table tilting : Upright 90⁰ - Trendelenburg 30⁰ angle

Longitudinal movement of imaging unit : 76cm

SID : 110cm

14" x 17" cassette radiography