A new "friend" for diagnostic imaging in Fully Digitized environment

"POPULUS Ti" is a fully-digitized X-ray system supports accurate diagnosis and efficient examinations. It flexible mobility accommodates various types of examinations and the wide stroke mechanism of the imaging unit while the table enables wide-range fluoroscopy and radiography.

Further more, HITACHI's advanced image processing technology that supports accurate diagnosis is incorporated as standard. It can also accommodate wide-ranging requirements such as the construction of fully-digitzed environment used for uniform management of image data and data of a large capacity.

"POPULUS Ti" supports every hospital, medical institution and examination facility by provising and ideal environment for diagnostic radiography and fluoroscopy.

Table tilt movement

 A maximum trendelenburg angle of 45° allows easy imaging of the anterior wall of the stomach.

Stroke of imaging 

The tabletop can be moved longitudinally in the range of a maximum of 131cm in the horizontal position. Combining with the imaging stroke achieves a wide range of 236cm, which will realize fluoroscopy and radiography in short period of time.

Dynamic shading correct

Equipped with 1,000,000-pixel CCD camera, it provides fluoroscopy and radiography images with high definition. It is also equipped with various functions such as image processing technology to carry out corrections of images with the use of HITACHI’s advanced technology “FAiCE-V”.

 X-Ray high voltage Generator 50kW/80kW* inverter method

FOV size of I.I  33/22/16cm (13"/9"/6")

R/F Table tilting : Upright 90⁰ - Trendelenburg 45⁰ angle

Longitudinal movement of imaging unit : 105cm

SID : 110cm