Gently and softly. For comfortable and free medical environment. 

CUREVISTA is a multi-purpose imaging system for exclusive use with FPD, comprised of totally new units designed in consideration of user's needs from the starting point and based on the concept of “optimum operational environment, safe examination and IVR-supporting function”.
What is strongly required recently as a fluoroscopic diagnosing system is that the system can be used in multi-purpose examinations. Particularly, the trend has been moving from the age, when the main purpose of use was digestive organ examination, to the present when endoscopic examination and ultrasound examination are combined.

Offset Open

In order to pursue the easiness in use and functionality as well as to secure clearance on the upper side of the ceiling, the table-shift (offset) mechanism was adopted.
Furthermore, the offset arm which offsets X-ray tube supporting unit provides a wide working space on examinee's left side, facilitating the approach to examinee from the both sides of examinee. This design facilitates the access to examinee from examinee's tow head/toe and right/left directions and improves endoscopic operation and IVR operational environment.

Stroke of imaging

The tabletop can be moved longitudinally in the range of a maximum of 131cm in the horizontal position. Combining with the imaging stroke achieves a wide range of 236cm, which will realize fluoroscopy and radiography in short period of time.

New Generation Image Processing "FAiCE-V"

Imaging technology [FAiCE], Hitachi is proud of, provides high quality images in real time and automatically.

FAiCE-V is an automatic image processing technology which is commonly applied to Hitachi digital X-ray systems. Various kinds of image processing tuned up particularly for the VISTA panel are incorporated in CUREVISTA for providing proper images constantly.

X-Ray high voltage Generator 50kW/80kW* inverter method

40cm x 30cm Flat Panel Detector (FPD)Technology

FPD rotation of 90⁰

R/F Table tilting : 90⁰ vertical ~  90⁰ Trendelenburg

Longitudinal movement of imaging unit : 150cm

SID : 120cm