Gently and softly. For comfortable and free medical environment. 

EXAVISTA gives you an opportunity to feel the beuty of its radiograph/fluoroscopy functions. This is the FPD system that lets you forsee a new style of examination (EXA) and a new vista (VISTA).

It has become necessary that a single system can handle flexibly all these examinations including urological examination and orthopedics examination by utilising the wide field-of-view of FPD.

EXAVISTA is the "true FPD systems", the 3rd generation FPD panel [VISTA Panel] which has evelved shows its power in diversified clincal examination. [VISTA Panel] inherits high stability of the older systems, and in addition, secures a wide dynamic range equal to that of the FPD for general use, as well as that it refines high image quality by surpressing the data reading noise to the limit.

Offset Open

In order to pursue the easiness in use and functionality as well as to secure clearance on the upper side of the ceiling, the table-shift (offset) mechanism was adopted.
Furthermore, the offset arm which offsets X-ray tube supporting unit provides a wide working space on examinee's left side, facilitating the approach to examinee from the both sides of examinee. This design facilitates the access to examinee from examinee's tow head/toe and right/left directions and improves endoscopic operation and IVR operational environment.

Symmetrical open

Hitachi original symmetrical R/F table’s movement  enables flexible examination layout and positioning of the patient referring to the examination and provides new examination environment to the doctors.

Access Free

Elevating movement and wide rear side space of the table allows examinees to get on and off the table smoothly from a wheelchair or stretcher. Even in the case where various kinds of endoscopes or diagnosing equipment for orthopedics are set up in the same room, the examinees can be accessed without trouble, which would lessen the burden for the operators.

New Generation Image Processing "FAiCE-V"

This processing provides the optimum images always in real-time and supports the clinical front of the new generation.

X-Ray high voltage Generator 50kW inverter method

40cm x 30cm Flat Panel Detector (FPD)Technology

FPD rotation of 90⁰

R/F Table tilting : 90⁰ vertical ~  90⁰ Trendelenburg

Longitudinal movement of imaging unit : 150cm

SID : 120cm