The evolutionary phase of multipurpose examination system

Taking medical imaging to a higher level, the Hitachi general radiography systems provide versatility for various examination procedures with easy operation to reduce retakes. With a full range of generator power and tube supports, you may find the right combination for every establishment.

VersiFlex Vista is a powerful multipurpose R/F system for the most demanding examinations. Full digitization with advance flat panel detector technology optimizes workflow and efficiency.
This is a multipurpose examination system in pursuit of a new operability to respond to a wide spectrum of needs.

Flexible Positioning

Versiflex VISTA full line up of tracking functions of the C-arm is useful for various examination environments making it possible to accommodate versatile clinical scenes where multi-purpose examinations are required.

Auto Tracking

The magnification rate can be restrained because the FPD reaches the table at the closest point possible during positioning in the AP direction.

New Generation Image Processing "FAiCE-V"

This processing provides the optimum images always in real-time and supports the clinical front of the new generation. 

X-Ray high voltage Generator 80kW inverter method

40cm x 30cm Flat Panel Detector (FPD)Technology

FPD rotation of 90⁰

R/F Table tilting : +85⁰ upright ~ -45⁰ Trendelenburg

Longitudinal movement of imaging unit : 1,420mm

Lateral movement : 380mm