The widest 1.5T MRI system is here with Hitachi, The Echelon Oval.

Echelon is a fully featured high-field performance MRI, incorporating state-of-the-art imaging tools to meet your current and future demands. Its core is a high- performance, short-bore, super-conductive magnet with high homogeneity and low cryogenic boil-off.

Echelon is extremely practical, reliable and easy to use. This is a prime example of a product which has benefited from Hitachi’s experience and technological superiority, gained as the global leader in open MRI, with more than 4,000 installations.

High-Order active Shim System (HOSS™)

Magnetic field  inhomogeneity is an important factor to determine the performance of an MRI system.
Homogeneity of the magnetic field when a patient is inside the gantry is crucial therefore Echelon employs HOSS, a higher order shimming system to a more complicated inihomogeneity of magnetic field.
With HOSS it optimized RF fat saturation for orthopedic, breast application & hardware platform for advanced imaging capabilities.

RADial Acquisition Regime (RADAR™)

Hitachi developed RADAR (RADial Acquisition Regime) as an imaging method to suppress motion artifacts.

Echelon supports the diverse demands of MR Angiography (MRA) and MR Venography (MRV) imaging with techniques designed for ease of use to simplify the acquisition process, while sophisticated image processing tools provide 3D visualization of vasculature.

With the importance of non-contrast imaging, Echelon offers multiple MRA solutions that reduce cost and risk.

Echelon provides high quality, thin slice, small field of view imaging all supported by high order active shimming technology (HOAST) for uniform fat saturation.

With effective and standard solutions for fat suppression and metal artifact reduction, Echelon delivers a versatile imaging suite for your day-to-day MSK imaging needs.

Hitachi realizes the seamless whole body imaging with the “optical flow technology” developed for Hitachi camera products. Optical flow technology solves the problems such as distortion in each stations, intensity disconformity in each stations, and distortion of positioning.

1.5 Tesla high-field MRI with 74cm oval bore

Short-bore, super-conductive magnet

High homogeneity

Zero Cryogen Boil-Off Technology

34mT/m 150T/m/s gradients

Optical RF system technology

WIT mobile table