HITACHI Sirius HP/HT 130

The pretigious style has a reason

It is easier for the operator to use and also gives a relaxed feeling to examinees.
The human mobile X-ray system, in which “easiness” and “friendliness” are incorporated as results of pursuing high function and operability for smooth examination, is Sirius 130HP.
Mobility is on of the most important factors for mobile X-ray unit. The unit can be slowly , speedily and smoothly driven through a narrow space, and stopped precisely , providing queit and excellent driving operability.



Touch Sensor for Safety

A silent design motor and cushion casters are adopted to stop the system from making a loud noise when travelling. Useful for travel during the night and for shock absorption when going over steps.

Wide Frontal View

The wide frontal view is ensured even if for a short-heighted operator thanks to not only a slim body design but also eliminated high voltage cable in a mono-tank and a low-mounted X-ray tube assembly.

Swiveling Mechanism of the X-ray Tube Assembly

Even when the arm is at a tilt, the body axis of the patient and the axis of the x-ray tube assembly can be matched with this mechanism. This is an indispensable mechanism for fine positioning.

Effective positioning, adjusting the switch

Fine adjustment of the cart positioning is possible using the adjusting switch positioned on the remote panel while carrying out positioning. Contributes to shortening the time necessary for doctor’s rounds.

15kW X-ray generator.

X-ray focal spot : 0.6mm

Maximum driving speed : 5km/h

Driving mode : Drive/half/Bedside/Adjustment

Battery power supply system

X-ray tube head supportingsystem : Pantographic arm (HP) or Telescopic Arm (HT)

Storage for 12 cassettes.