Ziehm Vision FD Vario 3D

Flat-panel technology for distortion-free imaging

3D imaging is becoming increasingly popular in modern surgery as it gives surgeons more detailed information. This degree of detail is especially important for placing screws and repositioning fractures.

Equipped with flat-panel technology and variable isocenter, Ziehm Vision FD Vario 3D produces crystal-clear 3D images during surgery.
The flat-panel enables easy positioning of the system and allows optimal access to patients.
Combined with navigation systems, this C-arm is particularly suited to orthpedics as well as trauma, neurosurgical, oral, and maxillo-facial surgery.
In only one minute, the C-arm captures more than 100 images and automatically generates a 3D dataset with dose exposure is reduced to a minimum during the scan.

ODDC (Object Detected Dose Control)

Advanced Active Cooling System



2D and intraoperative 3D imaging with one system

Digital flat-panel technology offers easy positioning in the OR; thanks to a larger C-arm opening of 35“

20 cm x 20 cm digital flat-panel detector provides a much larger field of view than conventional image intensifiers

Ziehm NaviPort: Open interface to navigation systems (Brainlab, Medtronic, Stryker)

Unique liquid cooling (Advanced Active Cooling) for demanding procedures

Object Detected Dose Control (ODDC) for fast superb image quality with automatic dose reduction and metal/contrast correction