Ziehm Vision FD

Flat-panel technology for distortion-free imaging

Ziehm Vision FD is the world's first mobile C-arm with flat-panel detector technology. This detector enables fully-digital, distortion-free imaging. Thanks to its high dynamic range it also allows concurrent soft tissue and skeletal imaging.

Its large field of view and square shape of the panel increases the image size compared with conventional image intensifiers. In addition to that its bundle together with contrast-rich display monitors, Ziehm Imaging’s dual 19” TFT color flatscreens stand out for their exceptional brightness and contrast. Even at a distance, the high-end monitors provide the physician with optimal insights by visualizing the finest details – from every angle.

ODDC (Object Detected Dose Control)

Advanced Active Cooling System


High frequency pulsed monoblock generator for outstanding image quality.

Steer and brake functions activated via a single lever (EasyDrive system)

Advanced Active Cooling for unlimited fluoroscopy time.

ODDC (Object Detected Dose Control) for optimized image quality, even if an object is moving or the region of interest is not centered.

Small footprint of just 0.8 m².

19" High-resolution & high-brightness