Ziehm Vision R

Powerful Solution for excellent mobile imaging

Equipped with a rotating anode  embedded into a powerful monoblock generator, this C-arm achieves highest image quality at lowest possible dose.
These properties, in combination with the Advanced Active Cooling system, significantly extend operating times, while delivering superb image quality. This makes the Ziehm Vision R particularly
suited for demanding procedures in cardiology and vascular surgery including PTCA, PTA and EVAR.
The compact design of this mobile C-arm together with its unmatched ease of use benefit both surgeons and
operating staff.

ODDC (Object Detected Dose Control)

Advanced Active Cooling System

High frequency pulsed monoblock generator for outstanding image quality.

Synchronized Vision Center touchscreen user interfaces on C-arm and monitor cart.

Advanced Active Cooling for unlimited fluoroscopy time.

ODDC (Object Detected Dose Control) for optimized image quality, even if an object is moving or the region of interest is not centered.

Small footprint of just 0.8 m².

19" High-resolution & high-brightness