Ziehm Compact

C-arm with smallest footprint

As an option to Ziehm 8000, this C-arm is custom-designed for the confined space of an operating room. It packs full imaging power into an exceptionally small footprint, eliminating the need for a separate monitor cart.
Ziehm Compact is ideal for use in emergency care, orthopedics, as well as in general and traumatological surgery.

Optimal image quality due to high-resolution flatscreen monitors

Advanced “Metal” and “Soft” programs to prevent image flaring

High -contrast 18" single flatscreen monitor provides superior details resoltuion

Advanced "Metal" function to prevent image flaring

Small, lightweight design makes the unit easy to handle

Monitor can easily be moved to the desired position for the operating staff

Ergonomcally integrated printer at the side of the monitor

All movements are fully counterbalanced in any position.