CARESTREAM DRX Transportable System

Mobile X-ray Imaging is Really on the Move.

Now, X-Factor Thinking lets you take the DRX Detector to the  field with this rugged, all-in-one solution. It includes the wireless detector, electronics, wireless access point, and a tablet PC – all securely packed in a sturdy, portable carrying case.
The DRX-Transportable System is ideal for applications such as the military, veterinary medicine, or travel between nursing homes and home-care patients. You’ll have all the performance of a DR imaging room – wherever you need it.

The Power of DR Imaging, More Portable Than Ever Before.

  • Capture and view images immediately at the point of patient care.
  • Lightweight wireless DRX Detector* is easy to use in con ned spaces.
  • Self-powered and rechargeable.
  • Water and dust resistant rugged carrying case for easy transport.


  • Compact, protective carrying case for the Field Portable kit makes it easy to transport to remote locations.
  • Quickly and cost-effectively convert existing analog mobile systems to DR.
  • Easy to use, minimal training necessary.
  • Wireless capability improves productivity and work ow.
  • Available with either DRX-1 or more dose sensitive DRX-1C 

Product Specifcations Key Components:

  • Thin electronics box 454 x 368 x 48 mm  (17.9 x 14.5 x 1.9 in.) containing the wireless access point, ethernet switch, generator, interface board, and power supply.
  • Electronics box uses the same type of battery as the DRX detector
    -Battery charges while plugged in
  • Tablet PC
  • Mounting hardware to mount tablet PC to system
  • Carrying case 625 x 500 x 297 mm (24.6 x 19.7 x 11.7 in.)
  • DRX Detector*
    -Wireless, cassette-sized detector
    -35 x 43 cm
    -GOS or CsI