GE Lunar iDXA

A clear choice of densitometer

In your search for answers to a patient’s health concerns, information is everything. And with Lunar iDXA*, GE Healthcare offers our most advanced system to provide the data and images you need. Whether you’re assessing bone density, fracture risk, metabolic health, or pediatric development, Lunar iDXA gives you a clear view inside the body.
Lunar iDXA offers research-grade image resolution and exacting precision, designed to provide you a high degree of clinical confi dence across all body types. Consider Lunar iDXA not only for today’s imaging needs but also as an enduring platform for the future.

Exceptional capabilities. 

Details make the difference in your practice—and that’s where Lunar iDXA excels. It puts exceptional capability within reach with outstanding image resolution and precision, accommodation of obese patients, and a long list of approved applications. Lead the way with the DXA imaging system that helps you to protect the vitality of your patients and your practice. 



High-resolution images bringanatomy into focus

Lunar iDXA offers the latest generation of DXA technology from GE Healthcare. It’s vertebral assessment is comparable to radiographs in identifying and classifying deformities concerning etiology, grade, and shape, 2  while using a lower dose of radiation.

Breadth of applications and features fora wide range of patients

A large scan window plus high weight limit and arm height on the Lunar iDXA comfortably accommodate many patient sizes and conditions. A long list of applications for Lunar iDXA—from visceral fat measurement and pediatric assessment to small animal scanning—helps explain why it’s chosen by leading hospitals, clinics, and physicians around the world