GE Prodigy

Solid performance makes Prodigy chosen worldwide.

Optimal health depends on accurate diagnosis and preventive treatment. That’s why so many professionals around the globe rely on Prodigy for comprehensive body composition analysis as they care for their patients.
You can be confident in Prodigy’s ability to help care for your patients. Its technology is a result of 30 years of innovation and is the subject of hundreds of peer-reviewed articles in leading journals.
Prodigy increases your ability to serve your patients with accurate, efficient evaluation. Its proven reliability, remote service capability, and life cycle costs all make Prodigy an excellent choice in DXA.

Uncompromising quality and efficiency.

Time after time, Prodigy delivers reliable dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) with excellent precision and extremely low radiation dose. Its industry-leading efficiency streamlines patient care and practice workflow. You can trust Prodigy to help ensure the vitality of your patients and your practice.

Efficiency -Detailed assessment in just a few clicks.

An efficient DXA clinic requires more than just fast scan times. The ability to properly analyze data and quickly generate patient reports is essential. Prodigy is loaded with features to automate the process, with little or no user intervention.
It’s so easy to use.

Flexibility to meet today’s productivity demands.

Workflow efficiency is critical in today’s clinical environment, and Prodigy is uncompromising on this point. It adapts to the needs of your DXA business with tools for connectivity, remote service, and practice management.