GE Aria

Clinical confidence and patient convenience.

Aria is a central DXA device designed to meet your bone mineral density (BMD) patient care needs. Physicians no longer have to refer patients to far away hospitals nor rely on pDXA measurements due to budget or space constraints.
Providing the convenience of in-house measurements saves patients time and the physician can better track compliance.
Aria is designed to fit in small spaces so there is likely no need to allocate a large room or incur construction costs.

High quality images in less than 60 seconds.

The Aria system brings GE Healthcare’s advanced imaging technology to physician offices and clinics. You get high quality images in less than 60 seconds thanks to GE’s patented narrow angle fan beam technology, highly dose efficient detector, and MultiView Image Reconstruction (MVIR).


The need for special shielding and protective clothing is elimated in most situations due to Aria’s dose-efficient design. The low dose helps reduce patient concerns about having the test so they will be relaxed and at ease.


With lower precision error you have the opportunity to detect significant change sooner which can guide treatment decisions and help motivate patient compliance. Aria has achieved precision values of <1% which optimizes your sensitivity to real patient changes.