Boost CR productivity with a workflow leader

The DIRECTVIEW Max CR System is an ideal solution for even the highest-volume imaging facilities. It combines exeptionally fast throughput with superb image quality.
Maximize throughput, productivity, and patient satisfaction with the CARESTREAM DIRECTVIEW Max CR System. A next generation workflow leader, this system has been developed in direct response to  customer  feedback  and  evolving  technology.  The Max CR System provides “drop-and-go” cassette processing that reduces radiographer queuing and waiting at the reader. Processed images can be sent automatically  to pre-selected destinations without manual intervention.

Fast throughput

  • Process up to 101 cassettes an hour.
  • Handle 16 cassettes at one time: up to 8 queued for processing, and 8 erased and ready for new imaging studies.
  • Cassette is ready to reuse in 40 seconds.*
  • “Drop-and-go” workflow virtually eliminates radiographer queuing at the reader and allows you to forward images directly to multiple network destinations (laser imager, diagnostic workstation, or archive) without radiographer

Enhance workflow and productivity 

  • Complete an exam in as few as four screens depending on system configuration.
  • Save time and effort with a barcode reader for patient/cassette/exam ID.
  • Perform virtually all study functions in the examination room with a wall-mounted Remote Operations Panel* – reducing time away from the patient and improving patient satisfaction.
  • Reprocess images if needed during image review – reducing the cost, time, dose, and inconvenience of repeat exposures.


Intuitive, powerful user interface

  • Learn and use the system quickly with an intuitive interface designed for simple, consistent operation on DIRECTVIEW CR and DR Systems.
  • Use the same interface at the unit’s 17-inch flat-panel touch screen and at the remote operations panel.
  • Pre-select up to 24 unique profiles of multiple destinations.
  • Customize and preset image display parameters to suit department preferences.
  • Choose the order in which patient records appear on the work list screen to suit user preference – alphabetical, oldest first, newest first.


  • Height: 52 in. (132.1 cm)  (41 in. [104.1 cm] at cassette station)
  • Width: 41 in. (104.1 cm)
  • Depth: 30 in. (76.2 cm)
  • Weight: 956 lb (433.6 kg)
  • Monitor: 17.0 in. flat-panel touch screen, full color, 1280 x 1024 matrix.