Leading with Features that Have Clear Benefits

Hitachi has proven that year after year, the patient is still at the heart of our design and innovations. We are pioneers in lower-dose features and clinical capabilities, in addition to unmatched patient comfort.

The Scenaria CT enhances patient access and comfort by combining a wider 75cm aperture, wide 48cm tabletop, 88cm thin gantry and a unique standard lateral shift table for easier positioning and lower dose. Scenaria CT offers rapid workflow and excellent 3D visualization capabilities with available TeraRecon iNtuition 3D solutions.

Scenaria CT maximizes imaging performance with a 98% uptime guarantee, industry-leading service and remote diagnostics that enable you to reliably deliver superb CT services.

75cm Aperture combined with 88cm thin-gantry-profile provides greater openness for easier patient access.

IntelliCenter Auto-Lateral Shift Table is the only standard table that can shift up to ± 8cm laterally (16cm total range) to:

  • Assist patient positioning
  • Reduce dose
  • Improve spatial resolution

Higher standard weight capacity to accommodate larger patients up to 230 kg (506 lbs.).

46cm (18 in) minimum table height eases access for the elderly and patients transferring from a wheel chair.

Intelli IP advanced, Hitachi’s 2nd generation of iterative reconstruction technology, reduces noise, retains spatial details, and reduces beam-hardening streaks.

Intelli IP Advanced provides excellent results by providing iterative processing in both Raw Data and Image Data space.

SCENARIA is the first 64/128-slice CT equipped with a 2D-ASC (Anti-Scattering Collimator) to reduce image noise caused by scattered radiation.