The Widest Wide-Bore in the Industry

Designed around the shape of the body to accommodate the broadest patient spectrum, Echelon Oval embodies our innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to patient comfort without compromising image quality.

Echelon Oval brings together all the key attributes of a leading 1.5T MR system – patient accessibility, workflow, and clinical capabilities

A 16ch channel RF system with integrated Head and Body/Spine coils can be used individually or in combination with anterior coils for comprehensive neuro and body imaging.

Light-weight coil designs, multiple coil connection ports, and auto element selection all contribute to simplify patient positioning and extended coverage in head-first and feet-first imaging for all scans.

The WIT monitor on the face of the gantry provides patient information and assures gating integrity without repeated trips to the control room.

The technologist can view basic patient information, patient orientation, coil set-up and confirm gating functions are working properly all right at the gantry, reducing the technologist tasks prior to starting the scan.

A key contributor to smooth workflow is Echelon Oval’s WIT Mobile Table - the widest available tabletop in 1.5T. Patients are prepped and comfortably positioned in the exam room as the technologist confirms patient and scan information. Translation…more completed scans done faster.

  • 63 cm wide – widest available
  • 550 lb. weight capacity
  • 20” minimum elevation
  • Elevation adjustable when detached

Digital Drive DX provides analog to digital conversion of the 16ch RF right at the gantry with fiber optic transmission to the equipment room to reduce signal loss and noise pick-up. With the digital conversion in the scan room, the MR signals are isolated from the external noise sources, resulting in the highest possible signal to noise ratio.