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Mobile X-ray imaging is our core competency. Our research work is clearly focused on intraoperative imaging and innovative X-ray technology. We invest heavily in research and development to the benefit of both our patients and clinical users.

Each year, Ziehm Imaging channels over 15 percent of revenue into the development of new products. Subsequently,   80 percent of the products in the company’s portfolio are less than three years old.

SmartScan is a new and patented technology that uses a combination of two linear movements with one orbital rotation. This Ziehm-owned development offers 180° image information of any anatomical structure. The fully motorized movement around the patient provides complete 3D data including volume rendering and multiplanar reconstructions.

Ziehm Imaging now brings iterative reconstruction techniques, so far only known from CT imaging, to a mobile 3D C-arm. The in-house developed, hardware-based and specialized algorithm ZIR (Ziehm Iterative Reconstruction) minimizes fan and metal artifacts in 3D reconstructions. The result is a significantly more distinguishable anatomy, defined bone crests and optimum slice views in the coronal, axial, sagittal and individually adjustable planes.

Another new development ZAIP (Ziehm Adaptive Image Processing) enhances the image quality of all C-arms with flat-panel detector. ZAIP uses hardware-based filters and the latest algorithms for noise filtering, edge enhancement and dose optimization to achieve best results in intraoperative imaging.

ZIR and ZAIP adjust themselves fully automatically to anatomical conditions and regulate filter settings in real-time. The surgeon benefits from outstanding X-ray images, and the patient from successful surgical procedures.

Ziehm Imaging C-arms feature Advanced Active Cooling (AAC), a unique liquid cooling system that significantly boosts performance. AAC maintains an ideal operational temperature at all times, thus preventing the generator from overheating.

ODDC technology creates a matrix over the entire scan field and uses 256 measurement cells to scan the region of interest in real time. It then automatically adjusts settings, including the dose and noise filters.

ODDC measurement cells automatically detect motion in the field of view. If the patient is not moving, the pulse frequency is automatically reduced. Once it detects motion, ODDC increases the pulse frequency automatically to a maximum of 30 frames per second, thus ensuring optimum image quality and efficient dosage during an operation.

The high-frequency generator operates with a variable pulse width between
4 and 50 ms. The monoblock generator combines power reserves of up to
25 kW and short, sharp pulses to produce crystal clear X-ray images - also of moving objects. With up to 25 kW of power, this high-performance monoblock generator has the same footprint as conventional generators, yet almost three times more power.

Until now, distortion-free images could only be produced using stationary interventional suites. Flat-panel technology is the gold standard. Ziehm Imaging has been using this technology in its mobile C-arms for more than five years now.
The flat-panel’s square format extends the field of view offered by conventional image intensifiers by a factor of 2.5. This in turn enables significantly more information to be captured in each X-ray image.

Three-dimensional volume renderings and axial, CTlike tomography enable surgeons to effectively visualize patient anatomy.
Clinical studies have shown that Ziehm Vision FD Vario 3D generates intraoperative scans pinpointing the exact position of pedicle screws with an image volume containing up to 512³ voxels.
Ziehm NaviPort: Open interface to navigation systems (Brainlab, Medtronic, Stryker).

Ziehm Vision Center is a touchscreen interface installed on the C-arm and the monitor cart. Both touchscreens are synchronized, enabling the entire system to be operated from the monitor cart or the C-arm. The system is intuitive and easy to use thanks to its intelligent user guidance system and recognizable icons.
Ziehm SmartEye enables X-ray images to be displayed in real time. Operators can then use SmartControl to intuitively process the real-time images on the touchscreen.

SmartVascular optimizes vascular surgery workflows, raising the bar for user friendliness. SmartArchive ensures fast, direct access to the latest patient records.

Ziehm Imaging devices are easy to maneuver thanks to EasyDrive. All steering and braking functions are controlled using a single lever.