Adjust-A-Fit Skirt (model AFVS)

Adjust-A-Fit Vest features wrap around protection and adjustable padded shoulders from the arm hole to the top of the shoulder enabling the user to adjust the vest to a more secure and comfortable fit. Because of the versatility in fit it accommodates a wide range of wearers. Vest may be ordered in combination with Skirt (Model AFVS) or separately (Model AFVO).

Skirt wraps around and overlaps in the front offering extra protection. Fits securely on hips with extra wide hook and loop fastener and quick release buckle for added support. Comes standard with large side pocket and hanging loops. Skirt may be ordered in combination with Vest (Model AFVS) or separately (Model SO).

Standard Protection:
Vest: 0.5mm Pb Front (overlaps to 1.0mm) / 0.3mm Pb Equivalency Back
Skirt: 0.3mm Pb Front (overlaps to 0.6mm) / 0.3mm Pb Equivalency Back
Lighter weight protection options are recommended for this model.