QR Vest Skirt Combo (model QRVS)

Quick-Release Buckle Vest Skirt features 2" quick release buckles for closure at the chest and waist. Also includes 1" buckle closure at the shoulder for secure fastening. Shoulder pads included. Vest may be ordered in combination with Skirt (Model QRVS) or separately (Model QRV0).

Quick-Release Buckle Skirt features a 1" quick release buckle closure on the inside and overlaps and closes with a 2" quick release buckle on outside. Includes a large side pocket and hanging loops. Skirt may be ordered in combination with Vest (Model QRVS) or separately (Model S0).

Standard Protection:
Vest: 0.5mm Pb Front (overlaps to 1.0mm) / 0.3mm Pb Equivalency Back
Skirt: 0.3mm Pb Front (overlaps to 0.6mm) / 0.3mm Pb Equivalency Back
Lighter weight protection options are recommended for this model.