ARJO Citadel

Universal Medical Bed Platform

Designed for Value

Whether you are purchasing or renting medical beds, you need to be assured you are getting the best solution available. ArjoHuntleigh medical bed platform offers a novel, flexible and durable product which will help your facility to deliver the best possible patient care and reduce risk of caregiver injuries.

Designed for Choice

The ArjoHuntleigh bed range is founded on fundamental beliefs, a core design and built on a universal platform. Regardless of the bed frame chosen for your facility, you have the assurance that each system is based on a consistent design, which helps you provide optimal patient care and cost efficiencies for the facility.

Designed for Life

Our universal medical bed platform is designed to provide a safe environment for patient care and recovery while helping reduce the related risk of caregiver injury.



• Integrated Therapy Surfaces
• Skin IQ Outlet
• Accessory Outlet*
• Foot Pedal (Deck Up/Down)*
• In Bed Weighing
• Varizone Bed Exit
• Anti Entrapment System
• Two way Nurse Call*
• TV / Lights Controls*
• RS232 Data Port*
• SafeSet Visual Alerts*
• Pro-Contour Profiling
• Auto 30° backrest pause
• One button Cardiac Chair
• 270 kg Safe Working Load
• Underbed night light