From the busiest hospital to the smallest nursing home, carers are faced daily with the risk of crippling back pain and injury due to the manual moving and handling of resident/patients. As the problem grows and the costs rise, carers themselves need a helping caring hand. ArjoHuntleigh Patient Lifts are firmly established as the most appropriate for today’s professional nurse and carer. They are easy to understand, simple to operate and offer maximum resident/patient comfort.



One of the most dangerous tasks faced by carers is moving a resident/patient who has fallen to the floor. This may happen at night when fewer staff means that a carer will have to perform this lift alone. With the Minstrel one carer can safely and comfortably perform this task without needing to sit the resident/patient up.



Once lifted the resident/patient can be transferred smoothly and securely back to their room, thanks to the ergonomically designed push handles and the easy roll castors.



Operated by a simple foot pedal, the Minstrel’s chassis can be easily adjusted to allow close access and maneuverability around large chairs, wheelchairs, beds and toilets. After a distressing fall the carer can easily bring the resident/patient back to bed with the minimum disturbance and maximum comfort.

Measurements and weights

Safe working load 190 kg (419 lbs)
Min lifting height 625 mm (24 1/2)
Max lifting height 2000 mm (78 3/4")
Weight 56 kg (123 lbs)
Weight, with scale 57 kg (125 lbs)
External width of chassis, legs closed 620 mm (24 1/2")
Internal width of chassis, legs open 925 mm (36 1/2")
Height of chassis 110 mm / (4 3/8")


Battery type rechargable sealed lead acid
Battery capacity 24 V 4 Ah
Protection class (lift) IPX4
Protection class (handset) IP67


Power supply 9V DC

Emergency stop and system failure override