Flowtron Active Compression System | Tri Pulse Garment and ACS900 Pump

Introducing Tri Pulse. Discover more comfort in VTE Prevention

The Tri Pulse TM garments provide excellent comfort during IPC therapy. The soft, breathable garments are available in a wide range of sizes to comfortably meet the needs of patients. The Flowtron ® ACS900 Active Compression System is easy to use with quick setup features that make it convenient for clinicians, and it has been proven to be clinically effective in the delivery of IPC to reduce the risk of DVT. Comfortable, convenient, clinically effective—discover the difference with Tri Pulse garments.




The Tri Pulse garments’ non-thermal, moisture management properties help keep the patient’s skin cool and dry, which can lead to greater
compliance with IPC prevention.

• Lightweight mesh outer fabric helps prevent build up of heat, to keep the patient’s skin cool and dry.
• Cushioning interior fi bres aid patient comfort.
• Soft and breathable inner fabric transfers heat and moisture away from the skin through small micro vents.

• The garment and its bladder have a curved design that follows the natural curve of the leg.
• The unique wing-shaped bladder envelops the calf or thigh for improved fit.
• Pressure is delivered through a single tube positioned on the anterior of the leg away from the bony prominence.

The ACS900 Active Compression System is easy to use so clinicians can quickly provide patients with the therapy they need.
• Single pump system for all garments, both uniform and sequential.
• The pump’s unique SmartSense™ Auto Garment Recognition feature automatically identifies the type of garment connected and adjusts the therapy cycle accordingly.
• Real-time pressure indicator, confi rms the pump is delivering the expected compression at all times.

Clinically Effective
IPC has been clinically proven to be an effective strategy for VTE prophylaxis.

• IPC therapy increases the volume and rate of venous blood flow when patients are immobile. 
• Pressure is delivered through three chambers of the unique wing-shaped bladder.
• Chambers infl ate sequentially from the ankle upward, then deflate through two outlets at the top and bottom of the garment.
• Tri Pulse delivers therapy on a one-minute cycle.
• Single patient use reducing risk of cross contamination.