Exceptional image quality for fast-paced environment

The CARESTREAM DryView 6950 Laser Imaging System delivers the innovation you need to maintain high standards of patient care — at a cost you can afford.
With legendary DryView digital image quality, high image resolution
and fast throughput, you can diagnose with great confidence even in the most demanding, high-volume environments.
You will also be equipped for digital mammography applications—now and in the future.

Exceptional Image Quality

  • DRYVIEW dry laser imaging technology delivers exceptional diagnostic film quality.
  • Automatic Image Quality Control (AIQC) technology automatically calibrates film and imager settings to meet user specifications.
  • Extremely sharp 650 ppi resolution on every film size

Fast Throughput

  • High speed operation even during peak hours for optimal efficiency.
  • Delivers from 160 to 250 films per hours.


Enhanced Mammography Capabilities

  • Accommodates maximum film density of 4.0 preferred for mammography.
  • Key test patterns assist with mammography quality assurance procedures and regulatory requirements.
  • Built-in densitometer can eliminate the need for manual density measurements on test films.
  • Enhanced chest wall detection while printing images enhances workflow and formats images for radiology reading.

Greater Efficiency

  • Easy film size changes by simply exchanging film cartridges
  • Accommodates three different film sizes and types online simultaneously
  • World-class service and support to keep your imager running at peak performance
  • Compatible with Carestream Computed Radiography (CR) and Digital Radiography (DR) systems

Intuitive User Experience

  • Multilingual touch-screen user panel
  • Built-in Help interface simplifies instruction, operation and training
  • Minimal re-loading with cartridges that hold 125 film sheets
  • Optional five-bin film sorter


  • Photothermographic (dry laser)

DRYVIEW laser imaging quality

  • True laser technology
  • 650 laser pixels per inch
  • 39-micron laser spot spacing
  • 14-bit pixel depth architecture


  • Time to first print: 60 seconds
  • Up to 160 films per hour: 14 x 17 in. (35 x 43 cm)
  • Up to 250 films per hour: 8 x 10 in. (20 x 25cm)
  • Three film supplies on-line
  • Optional 5-bin film sorter

DRYVIEW Mammography Laser Imaging Film

  • Daylight-load film packaging (125 sheets)
  • Lifetime (100+) years film archivability
  • Enables higher Dmax images
                    3.6 Dmax with DVM film
                    4.0 Dmax with DVM+ film