imedtac Telehealth Solution

Telehealth Solution

As a result of covid-19, telemedicine consultations between clinicians and patients have become a trend to reduce infections. iMedtac Telehealth Solution combines patient information, video and vital signs data into a single platform, making it easier to have virtual consultations with various specialists and to provide timely, specialized care to patients.

  • Wireless, portable, quick setup
  • private cloud to protect patient information
  • Integrates patient information, video images, and vital signs to improve diagnosis efficiency
  • Supports instant telemedicine consultations from various specialties
  • Supports external image source, screen extension and video recording
  • Remote consultations to reduce infection risks for family members and medical staff
  • Highly mobile cart allows caregivers to provide best patient care


Provides virtual consultations with various specialists, enabling instant diagnosis across regions and departments

Combines Patient Information into One Dashboard