Boost CR productivity with a workflow leader

The Classic and Elite CR Systems are small, easy to install and simple to use. These distributed CR systems produce high-quality images, yet have footprints small enough for an X-ray room or an X-ray control console room. They use a wide range of industry-standard cassette sizes, including 15 x 30 cm for dental imaging, and 35 x 84 cm for long-length imaging of scoliosis and extremities.

These two solutions offer an identical set of high-performance features,
with two throughput options:

  • The Classic CR System handles up to 69 cassettes per hour,* making it ideal for small and mid-sized facilities.
  • The Elite CR System operates at up to 90 cassettes per hour,* to meet the needs of larger facilities with higher work ow volume.


*When using a 35 cm x 43 cm cassette, with system in high-speed scan mode. Times for other cassette sizes are the same or less. Time for image access at a network device is dependent on network performance

Improved Productivity Made Affordable 

With a low capital investment and low operating costs, the Classic and Elite CR Systems help your facility meet budget requirements – without compromising performance.
Their ease of use helps reduce costly retakes, while their speed of operation saves time and additional dollars.
Plus, digital-quality images are faster and easier to read, which enhances radiologist productivity.