Compact, flexible and affordable computed radiology

The DryView 5700 Laser Imager offers simplicity and affordability for healthcare facilities of all sizes. This innovative tabletop medical imaging system offers a modest acquisition price, which is half of the affordability equation.
It also delivers consistently low operating costs. This combination creates a complete picture of true affordability.
It’s ideal for computed radiography (CR), digital radiography (DR), computed tomography (CT), PACS Viewer, and magnetic resonance (MR) applications. 

Laser image quality 

  • Every image on every film size is printed using true laser technology. Automatic Image Quality Control (AIQC) uses a built-in densitometer to maintain film-to-film consistency.

Broad printing capabilities

  • Print from CR, DR, CT, MR, PACS Viewers and other grayscale medical film applications.

CR & DR compatibility

  • Fully compatible with the CARESTREAM CR and DR Systems, the DRYVIEW 5700 Laser Imager is ideal for dispersed or remote printing applications from computed radiography or digital radiography systems.

Ease of operation

  • No daily or weekly preventive maintenance is required on print heads or film transport rollers to optimize image quality. A simplified user interface, room light film loading, and easy film loading further facilitate use.


  • Photothermographic (dry laser)

DRYVIEW laser imaging quality

  • True laser technology
  • 325 pixels per inch; 78 micron laser spot spacing


  • Up to 45 - 85 films per hour (film size dependent)
  • Smaller film sizes print faster


  • Height: 19 in. (47 cm)
  • Width: 24 in. (61 cm)
  • Depth: 26 in. (66 cm)
  • Weight: 120 lb. (54 kg)

DRYVIEW Laser imaging Film

  • Blue or clear 7-mil polyester base

  • Daylight-load film cartridges
  • 125 sheets/cartridge

  • Lifetime (100+ years) film archivability addresses demanding requirements (oncology, pediatrics, etc.)