FUJIFILM Radnext 32

High-quality functions & safety feeling for subjects are compatible

Radnext is the systems combining high-efficiency and high-precision 32kW inverter utlizing the latest technology.
Hitachi, who puts importance on the reliable relationship between examinees and technicians, has brought the latest systems to fulfill more its lineup of general radiography which is the basic of X-ray examination.  

An X-ray high voltage generator which has realized the high-precision X-ray output due to digital feedback control is combined.
Also, a type with fluoroscopic capability allowing smooth determination of the region to be imaged is available.


Display with large LED

A fully digital display allows registration of 36 types of combined radiographic parameters frequently used.
Registered program can be read out with one touch.

Automatic exposure detector *

HI-AUTO (photo-timer) or an ion chamber can be connected.
The adopted digital-control tube voltage compensation and subject's body thickness compensation allows providing a stable density.    

Popular Set

It is of ceiling-traveling type, light in movement and simple in operation.

Compact Set

Combination of a compact and easy-to-use floor mount type X-ray tube support realizes a good efficiency imaging even in a narrow examination room.