CARESTREAM DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kits

SIMPLE. GENIUS. DRX-Mobile: Major productivity enhancement.

Upgrading to DR wireless technology is quick, easy and affordable with the CARESTREAM DRX-Mobile Retro t Kit. Designed to fit your existing
mobile system, this innovative product is a non-invasive, customized  retrofit package.
Its  wireless  digital capability,  powered  by  the  CARESTREAM  DRX-1 detector, increases on-site productivity and provides you with immediate image access in the  field.

 A Smart Investment

Maximize the lifetime and investment you have in your current mobile system, and upgrade to DR capability with the DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit. By incorporating DR technology you can signifcantly improve your existing equipment’s value by increasing productivity and streamlining your work flow process. You can further leverage your upgrade by using the DRX-1/DRX-1C detector with other DRX-1/DRX-1C consoles.

A Technology Enhancement

The DRX-Mobile Retro t Kit is an ideal DR upgrade for mobile units used at trauma sites,  remote clinics, in operating  rooms and the ICU. The wireless detector is light weight, and easy to use especially when working in con ned spaces or examining patients with limited mobility. The wireless design allows for the detector to be positioned  precisely.  It is also less likely to  get  contaminated,  which  is  extremely important when working in sterile environments. And because it meets the ANSI standard for 35 x 43 cassettes, you can use your existing grids.

Self-contained Power Supply

The DRX-Mobile Retro t Kit is completely self-contained and operates using its own power supply. The wireless DRX-1/DRX-1C detector contains its own removable battery. A separate battery charger accommodates up to three batteries for recharging.