FUJIFILM CT SCAN Supria 32 slice

The new trend of CT Scanner

The needs for faster and more accurate diagnosis are increasing every days in the front line of medical practise.
Supria is designed to answer in one CT all the demands for various routine applications, compact, useful results and ease of use without any compromise. Supria CT is your answer to take off to the next clinical and technology.

The top-notch gantry design with the compact body and the 75cm widest bore opening among the 16ch systems.

Low Dose

Hitachi’s proprietary 3D mA modulation technology, Intelli EC, automatically modulates mA to lower individual patient dose levels depending on patient anatomy and size. Intelli EC can be set to provide real-time control of mA, to achieve a constant Noise Standard-Deviation in the resulting images.

Open, Wide & Compact Design

A design which brings a sense of security to patients.
The 75cm large bore which is bigger than the diameter of the ordinary aperture is useful not only for patients with a large frame but also for older patients who have difficulties of lifting their arms up.

High Speed Data Sampling

In order to secure sufficient data density in the periphery area even for scanning of the maximum FOV size, not only the heart but also all regions can be scanned at 0.35s/rot. This is realized by high-speed view rate of max.2,880 views/s data collection system developed exclusively for SCENARIA.

Minimum scan time: 0.75 sec

Effective Field of View : 500mm

Gantry tilt angle : Froward tilt 30⁰, backward tilt 30⁰

Gantry aperture of 75cm

Number of slices: 32

X-ray tube: 5.0 MHU