CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System

Innovation on the move

Carestream is preparing to revolutionize the world of portable imaging.
The CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System is being designed to provide fast, convenient DR imaging for patients everywhere – from the bedside, in the OR, the ICU, or the emergency room.
No longer will technologists have to blindly navigate heavy, bulky portable units throughout hospital elevators and hallways.
Powered by the wireless DRX Detector that works across all your X-ray imaging equipment, the DRX-Revolution will be feature-rich, to increase productivity and meet all your mobility needs.


Hectic hallways? Busy elevators? Small and cluttered patient rooms?
They’re no match for the DRX-Revolution.
The system is so compact and maneuverable, you can move it effortlessly – even make a 360-degree turn with one hand.
Plus, this low-pro le marvel gives technologists an unobstructed view, thanks to the industry’s only automatic collapsible column.
They’ll get where they’re needed faster – and more safely


The DRX-Revolution features a unique tube-and-grid alignment system that delivers superb X-ray quality and encourages grid use. A powerful 32kW generator, dualfocal spot tube and EVP Plus image processing combine to further optimize images. This means fewer retakes and more support for faster, more accurate diagnoses.
The DRX-Revolution also offers prior image review, including techniques and exposure history with its PACS-based query/retrieve capability.


The DRX-Revolution will improve your work ow and boost your productivity. It begins with a simple, single card swipe, and your technologists are off and running.
An intuitive GUI makes operation easy. And, a long tubehead reach– from the center of the cart to the axis of the X-ray beam – allows better patient access and more accurate positioning– even in crowded rooms.