The Prime Open-MRI Technologies for High-field Applications.

More beautifully, more minutely, more exactly. APERTO Lucent pursues image quality. By making the most of the Fujifilm’s imaging technology, Aperto Lucent takes the imaging diagnosis to the next level.
Compact and stylish gantry has realized a strong magnetic power of 0.4T.

Aperto Lucent has realized a high image quality by applying various technologies to the structure and materials for magnetic circuit, realizing high efficiency in the ultilization of magnetic power and by surpressing the generation of eddy currents to a minimum.


Prime FSE

Unlike the conventional SE sequence, FSE sequence requires complicated settings for parameters such as Inter Echo Time and the echo allocation. Artifacts are generated if the parameters have not been optimized. ‘prime FSE’ not only simplifies the parameter settings but also fully enhances the usability of FSE sequence and improves the image quality.

RADial Acquisition Regime (RADAR™)

Hitachi developed RADAR (RADial Acquisition Regime) as an imaging method to suppress motion artifacts.

The powerful computer architecture

Provide 30 times faster image reconstruction compared to that of our conventional open MRI.
Benefit: Complicated processing such as FatSep and Volume Rendering can be done in a short time.

0.4 T field strength

One-pillar design

All around view

25mT/m 55T/m/s gradients

Super Shim technology for spectral fat saturation

Fully motorised patient table (up to 225 kg load capacity)

Lateral table movement ±150 mm