CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution System

Freedom and Flexibility in Digital X-Ray

The CARESTREAM DRX-Rvolution DR Room is a versatile digital radiography system with configurable, modular components that combine to fit your space, workflow and budget.

Perform a wide variety of general radiographic exams with remarkable convenience, prductivity and patient comfort. Powered by portable, wireless DRX detectors you can upgrade to a digital x-ray room today with three configurations-Automated, Hybrid and Standard-Q -- that can grows to fit your needs tomorrow.

Whether you are upgrading an existing DRX-1 room or considering a full DR suite, the flexibility of cassette positioning is a clear advantage. The speed of wireless DR enables the image to appear on the console in seconds, while the wireless detector eliminates the need to move patients around a fixed DR detector—simplifying even the most challenging views.


Carestream Detectors offer a range of models and ease of positioning to help even the most diffcult exams go smoothly. The selection includes:

  • DRX-1 Detector with gadolinium (GOS) scintillator
  • DRX-1C Detector with cesium iodide (Csl), with increased DQE and MTF.
  • DRX 2530C Detector with a smaller-format design
  • A 17 in. x 17 in. (43 x 43 cm) stationary GOS detector, or a low-dose cesium (CsI)  at-panel option.


These versatile tables enhance work ow by simplifying patient positioning for a broad range of projections. Both feature a four-way  oating top.
Choose the table best for you:

  • Standard table for patients up to 600 lbs. (272 kg)
  • Extra-heavy-duty model for patients up to 705 lbs. (320 kg.)
  • Double-tap foot pedals for safe and easy table movement


Ergonomically designed, this wallstand is easy to use, simplifies patient positioning and optimizes workflow.

  • Vertical Bucky range of motion from the  oor up to 71 in. (180 cm)
  • Horizontal projections with tilt capability from negative vertical (–20°) to horizontal (90°)
  • Optional  oor-mounted rail system for lateral stand movement.
  • Auto-tracking and centering to align detector with overhead tube
  • Broad range of studies – chest, lateral cervical spine, standing knee and more
  • Horizontal Bucky positioning for upper extremity and under-the-table studies
  • Side-to-side swing angulation for easy cross-table exams on gurneys 


The Evolution Plus overhead tube automatically tracks detector movement for fast source-to-detector alignment, along with auto-centering & auto-perpendicularity capabilities.

  • Preprogrammed tube and Bucky positions plus generator and collimator settings for maximum effciency.
  • Auto-positioning and auto-centering for table or wallstand procedures with the motorized tube
  • Auto-tracking so that tube follows detector to the correct location – or operator moves tube and detector follows
  • Automatic centering of the tube, even to angled Bucky positions
  • Asymmetric-collimation capability allows top or bottom blade to remain fixed while moving the other.
  • Motor-assist function provides easy manual overhead tube positioning, reducing operator fatigue.