Comfort. Low Dose. Ultra-Versatility. The complete premium model of high-end Digital RF system.

Boost your productivity, reduce patient dose & anxiety and improve radiographer workload. Meet all-new CUREVISTA Open. Your X-ray experience will begin to evolve.


Evolution in Comfort.

Evolution in Low Dose.

Evolution in Versatility.


Goodbye to Ooops!

2 WAY ARM | Longitudinal and Lateral Direction.

For safety reasons, you don't want to move the patient. The X-ray tube column moves freely in vertical, horizontal & diagonal direction. No patient movement required to adjust FOV. This is a risk-reducing solution for doctors and radiographers who want to focus on the examination and procedures.

Right or Left. Both are easy

SYMMETRIC DESIGN | 9.8cm Blank Space.

For doctors, posture may affect the accuracy of the procedure. With tge symmetric table structure and large scanning area, blank space (Non-radi-transparent area) is only 9.8cm at both edges of the table. This is a result of considering the patient whose position cannot be adjusted freely and the posture of the doctor table. Get closer and make it easier.

Trim it. Independently.

IntelliSHUTTER | Independant Collimator Shutter (option)

You can eliminate exposures to the specific unnecessary field outsite of the ROI. Upper. Lower. Left. Right. The four shutters slide independently, making exams att he edge oft he table easier. The upper half for urological cystography. The left half for shoulder arthrography. No need to move the patient. Shape the beam as per your wish. 

Half dose. Same image quality.

IntelliFRAME | Frae Conversion (option)

Reduce the dose to half without sacrificing smoothness. Typically, the more pulse you shoot, the smoother the fluoroscopy becomes. IntelliFRAME will blow your mind. Sett he pulse rate to 1/2 and activate IntelliFRAME. The dose becomes 50%, yet smoothness maintains by frame interpolation. EndoTheraphy. Pediatrics. OB/GYN. Half dose with no image degradation. 


Small cut. Big result.

IntelliCUT | Active Dose Reduction

No one wants to receive radiation dose that does not contribute to imaging. "Trail effect" is an active dose that does not contribute to imaging. IntelliCUT significantly reduces unwanted X-ray exposure by Trail Cut-off on every pulse. Patients. Doctors. Nurses. Radiographers. etc...Eliminate unwanted scattered radiation for everyone with IntelliCUT.

As many as yo want with no added dose.

IntelliSHOT | Fluoro. Screenshot.

Dose-free screenshot. All-you-can-take!

You can save high-quality fluoroscopy as static images at your desired timing (sent in DICOM format). It captures a specific frame of the fluoroscopy, hence there is no more dose de to additional exposures. With CUREVISTA Open, let's take screenshots, instead of additional exposures. 

Performance, boosted.

Pull it. Twist it. Benefit.

VARIABLE SID | 110/120/150CM (Motorized)

TUBE ROTATION | 180° (Motorized)

As a manager, you may want to maximise your room use and profitability. Variable SID capability for frontal swallowing contrast exams and a tube rotation makes fluoroscopy room a radiography room. Yes, just stretch it and turn it. And welcom as many patients as possible. Widen clinical mix coverage and maximum return on investment.  


Super quick. Take it all in.

PanoramaVIEW | Slot Radiography App with IR

Image stitching no longer takes time and effort.

Get seamless long-view image without distortion by sitcking a series of narrow slit images in one streamlined action. Position a patient vertically, horizontally, or even on a leaning table. All yo have to do is press the button. Density adjustment, the slit paste, and Iterative Reconstruction...Ta-da! Accelerate your workflow and patient throughput. 


No more pile up. Pick a slice up.

TomoVIEW | Tomosynthesis App with IR

From now X-ray image is not only in 2D. It is time for RF take slab images. High spatial resolution in 1:1 pixel mode. Gravity stress at standing position. Comfortable positioning on wide table. Add "tomo", and tomorrow's another day. This is empower the potential to amplify your performance. 

During a lung biopsy, the image contains a lot of direct X-rays and air. With HARMONY technology, halation is suppressed, and the contrast between pulmonary blood vessels and forceps is significantly improved.

The tip of the catheter or the guidewire is ahrd to see because it has overlapped with the spine or contrast dye. With WOW: Wire Optimised Weighted imaging, we are able to let you see guidewire or cathether clearly.

Upper GI series come with intense motion. KINETICS detects, tracs, and corrects the momentary motion. Get your fluoroscopy with significantlly less blur.

VISTABRAIN analyzed the histogram for eachdivided image. This is the sectret that can output with the contrastsuitable for each image.

This is an intravenous pyelography (IVP) with large field of view and Iterative REconstruction. This entire abdomen can be observed clearly.

The flow of the contrast medium can be observed without blurring. With TARGET, you can observe the patient's arm while changing its angle.

The bile ducts and pancreatic ducts are tiny and narrow, makinng treatment difficults or complicated. In that situation, start HIREZOOM, high-resolution and high-magnification zoom.

In this exam, you often move the FOV according to the location of the observation target. TARGET technology accurately detects the motion of the object on a pixel-by-pixel basis and dramatically reduces noise.

Aren't spinous processes and needle from lateral angle often blackened. Emphasis processing for each frequency band by HARMONY gives you everything clearly from dark to bright.

VISTABRAIN's advanced DSA application AngioVIEW enables a wide range of digital subtraction angiography including abdomen, extremities, or cerebrum.

As IR is standard on TomoVIEW, you can get tomographic images with less noise in a surprisingly sort time. HiMAR inherited from our CT imaging technology significantly reduces metal artifacts.