FUJIFILM MRI Oasis - Boreless

Truly Open MRI provides uncompromised comfort

OASIS provides maximum diagnostic performance and uncompromised patient comfort. Combining high-performance MR electronics of the best high-field equipment -- fast gradients and multi-channel RF technology with Hitachi-designed Zenith RF coils -- with Fujifilm's proprietary 1.2T open architecture vertical-field magnet, Oasis is a new generation of MR systems providing diagnostic confidence, patient comfort and investment value.


Oasis supports demanding workflow, features Hitachi's legendary reliability, is easy to learn and use, and provides powerful differentiating features for you MR imaging services.

High-Order active Shim System (HOSS™)

Magnetic field homogeneity is an important factor in the MRI system. Echelon incorporates HOSS (High Order Shim System) in order to maintain the magnetic field homogeneity in the state with human body in. HOSS has allowed the development of higher image quality for the sequences which are apt to be influenced by magnetic field homogeneity such as BASG and EPI, the improvement of the fat suppression affects in regions far from the magnetic center such as shoulders and knees as well as high functional applications such as MRS.

RADial Acquisition Regime (RADAR™)

Hitachi developed RADAR (RADial Acquisition Regime) as an imaging method to suppress motion artifacts.

Rapid Acquisition through Parallel Imaging Design (RAPID™)

In order for higher speed imaging, more powerful gradient magnetic field and more powerful RF transmission system has been materialized. This has realized a high-speed scan while in the other hand side effects such as SAR and dB/dt came out. Hitachi has developed RAPID (Rapid Acquisition through a Parallel Imaging Design) as measures for the rapid scan and SAR. (SAR: Specific Absorption Rate)

Open architecture and the industry’s widest patient table afford comfortable positioning at iso-center for all anatomy. Oasis provides a flexible and robust platform with high-resolution scanning and uniform fat suppression for MSK imaging.

Fast and effective metal artifact reduction techniques with primeFSE and FatSep are available for better MSK imaging.

Multiple layer cartilage assessment with T2 Relax Map and microTE.

Many factors including blood flow dynamics, bolus timing, and large FOV contribute to making vascular imaging challenging even for the most experienced facilities. Oasis provides easy to implement features that deliver consistent results head to toe.

1.2 Tesla vertical field superconductive magnet

33mT/m gradient strength and 100T/m/s slew rate

Multiple coil connectors with Zenith™ solenoid element based, highly sensitive receiver coils

Fully motorised extra wide 82cm patient table with lateral table top movement up to 300kg load

SoftSound™ technology for silent gradients