Exceptional Value, Precision and Reliable Solutions

Q-Rad Systems provide precision and reliability through “Smart-System Design” technology. Innovations such as TechVision™, Q-VISION
HF Series Generator Controls, 650 lb patient weight capacity, FAIL-SAFE electromagnetic braking systems, collision avoidance electronics and EZ-Glide handle controls are just some of the unique and valuable advantages of Quantum's Q-Rad Radiographic Systems.

Quantum's wide selection of system configuration and extensive options, as well as its line of powerful 120 kHz ULTRA High Frequency X-Ray Generators, accommodate every type of radiographic system requirement and exam. The systems are also flexible enough to meet various room size requirements, as well as different facility budgets.


Quantum’s “QUIET-LIFT” elevating, float-top table eases patient transfer and positioning. With a 650 lbs. (295 kg) patient capacity and a rugged lifting mechanism, the table elevates smoothly and quietly.
The extra-wide (35”), and completely flat-top table surface simplifies patient transfer and positioning, while providing comfort for larger patients.
It also has a FAIL-SAFE braking system and an operator lock-out switch provide for an exceptionally safe working environment.

Quantum’s Vertical Wall Stand

Quantum’s Vertical Wall Stand enhances comfort and clinical flexibility.  The stylized Wall Stand comes in right-handed and left-handed load models featuring the EZ-Glide hand control which rotates 105° enabling adjustments from a comfortable standing position.

Q-VISION Series™ Generator featuring TechVision™

Tech vision™ eliminates going back-and-forth from the generator’s Operator Control Panel to the patient, in order to prepare for patient exams. The operator has complete control to adjust exposure parameters right at the tube-side, just as if they were at the generator’s
Operator Control Panel. This synchronized generator solution greatly streamlines the imaging process and decreases overall examination time, while allowing the technologist to remain close to the patient, for increased patient care

Q-Rad Ceiling Systems

Q-Rad Ceiling-Mounted Systems use a 5-tiered telescoping column with expansive overhead horizontal and transverse tracks to provide for complete flexibility and virtually unlimited imaging procedures. With an optimum ceiling height of 9’, even standing knees on children can be easily imaged.

Q-Rad Floor Systems

Q-Rad Floor-Mounted Systems are the ideal choice for the busy imaging center, orthopedic facility or hospital. The advanced features and unique design aspects of the system allow the technologist to fully concentrate on the patient during the examination.